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Roller compactor News

roller compactor pharmaceutical

Date:2019/2/18 21:54:15 Click:74

Roller compactor pharmaceutical

GLX-150C roller compactor pharmaceutical 

      1. roller compactor pharmaceutical  Negative pressure airflow automatic feeding enables powder to be conveyed  inside closed pipeline which stops dust's flying.
      2. roller compactor pharmaceutical  Reverse rotation of constant torque German servo motor driven twin-screw   achieves high-efficiency and precision feeding which assures quality of sheets.

      3.roller compactor pharmaceutical  High-precision pneumatically-controlled eccentric roller adjusts dimension of  sheet thickness which ensures running parallelism of two pressing wheels andenables sheet thickness and sheet hardness to be even.

      4. roller compactor pharmaceutical  Effect of W-type curved surface grains- arranging mode is excellent and fine  powder is less.

      5. roller compactor pharmaceutical  Fine powder of airflow vibrating sieving device is directly sucked away by  vacuum and rate of finished fine powder is controlled at 5% below.

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    GLX-150 Automatic roller compactor
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