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Roller compactor News

What is capsule filling machine

Date:2019/3/26 17:43:39 Click:29

What is capsule filling machine?

Automatic encapsulator is a capsule filling machine that is developed and designed to automatically fill empty hard gelatin capsule with powders and granules. Capsule filling machine  are used in the large scale production of capsule。
The automatic capsule filling machine manufactured by our factory has the following properties:
The NJP4200 automatic capsule filling machine is a kind of intermittent motion capsule filling equipment designed with multiple tamping stations and stable performance.
The automatic capsule filling machine is capable of completing capsule feeding, separation, filling, removal of defective capsule, locking, and discharging, automatically. 

capsule filling machine
Scientifically designed, the enclosed rotary table of the automatic capsule filling machine has twelve stations and 3 rows 32 die holes.
The automatic capsule filling machine to GMP and FDA standard, as well as other internationally advanced standards. 

    NJP-4200 Capsule filling machine automatic
    NJP-3000 Full-Automatic Encapsulation machine
    NJP-2200 Automatic Encapsulation Machine
    NJP-1200 Fully Automatic Capsule Filler Machine